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Long time no write. Did ya miss us? :)
I know I've been MIA lately. I've had a busy few weeks. Turns out the only thing that can bring loved ones to visit more often than moving to the sunny South ....is having a kid. We've been hanging out with family for the last few weeks, and it's been hectic but heavenly.

First my sister-in-law Annette was here with two of her kids, Andrea and Tommy, and let me just say that I hope whatever parenting dust she has she can blow my way, because her kids are just about the coolest young adults I've ever been around. They're both threatening to move here, and I hope they do.

Then my sister Kielynn and her son Tesher finally got to meet their newest family member. Tesher is such fun to watch and interact with. For such a little boy, he's got a huge vocabulary and a rock-solid memory. You can actually see him thinking when he's talking to you. It's adorable.

My parents were also in town for a few days (on their way to Florida for a mini-vacation. Must be nice to be retired), and my younger sister Lisa and her family came for a week too. Lisa's oldest, Cora, who's 4, is into saying grace before dinner. When her Uncle Chris was asked to give the blessing one night, he came out with an old family joke, "Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub. Yay, God!" Well Cora was deeply disturbed by that and made us do a do-over and say her much more traditional blessing. But Lisa reports that ever since then, Cora wants to say Uncle Chris' prayer -- before meals AND before bedtime. Except her version is: "Scrub, scrub, thanks for God, YAY! Amen!"

I can't wait until Kostyn's talking, just for gems like that.

The impetus for my entire family's visit was Kostyn's baptism, which you can read about here. It went well, except for the fact that my camera's batteries went dead right at THE important moment in the service. And I'm definitely my father's daughter, because his camera copped out on him right then too, same reason. Sigh. I'm waiting for Kielynn to send me pics.

And last but not least, a proud mama moment to share:
I haven't mentioned the fact that Kostyn was diagnosed with a torticollis (fancy word for a knot in his neck, so he favors that side) several weeks ago so we've been doing physical therapy with him for the past few weeks. He's been a bit behind with some of his physical development -- namely, holding his head up on his own. He HATES being on his tummy, but the best therapy is "Tummy Time," so we've been suffering through it (and the accompanying screaming fits) every day. Just in the last few days he has made great strides ... he's suddenly not so averse to being on his belly, and he's rolling from back to front, too. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but for me, after watching him cry and struggle for so long, it means a lot.

Chris discovered Kostyn loves to be held up in the air. It makes him giggle, and it bonuses as physical therapy since he has to work to hold up his head. Doesn't he look happy?!

I think that catches everyone up. The last chapters of my book deadlined today, so now that is off my plate (until I get the edits back in a few weeks), which is a relief. Now we're just waiting for Kim, Lance and Nicky to arrive later this week for a quick visit. Yay! Nicky and Kostyn are birthday buddies (born on the same day, two years apart) so we already know they'll be BFFs.
And the grand finale of loved ones visiting happens Nov. 2, when SHEILA ARRIVES!! Can you tell I'm excited??!!

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Amy said...

thanks for the update!! Glad Kostyn is rolling and rolling and soon you will be running after him!! Glad the baptism went well! Great article.