Kostyn has been camped out in our living room for the better part of three months. But I didn't realize until last Saturday that he'd never actually seen the TV! (We face him away from it on the couch, just because it's the position that lets him see us the easiest.) So let it be known that his first official TV-watching experience was Penn State stomping on the hopes and dreams of Notre Dame fans. Woohoo! OK, so he probably watched all of three downs, but still, he was MESMERIZED. At one point when we faced him away from the TV again, he was craning his neck to see it.
That's a good Penn State fan.

Here he is, in all his (For The) glory...

Gotta love the PSU sneakers!

And just to prove that he is a diehard Nittany Lion, his favorite book (by far) is "Hello Nittany Lion." (Thanks Amy!) The kid goes nuts for this book, kicking like crazy, wide-eyed and babbling to the lion on each page. It's the cutest!


Kim said...

I've never seen the sneakers before. They're awesome.

I'm ashamed. Kostyn has worn more Penn State stuff in his short four months of life than Nicky's ever owned! My kid needs to represent!

Amy said...

are those the sneakers that came with the blanket? I can't tell! and so glad he loves that book -- how could he not? :)

Robyn said...

Yes, they are the ones that came with the blanket. They're still a bit big for him but I couldn't resist!