my little genius

Kostyn has discovered his feet. It astounds him when they move. You should see his face; his eyes grow round like saucers and he opens his mouth in astonishment.

“Hey, what are those things down there? They’ve got little wiggly things on the ends. Wait a minute, they move when I move!!! [kick kick kick] Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my GOODNESS!!!”

It’s the cutest darn thing. I will have to post a picture. In the meantime, here are a couple of cute ones my sister took last week. Kostyn misses you, Aunt Lisa! (and so do I...)


Sheila said...

Rob, sit down for this. And Chris, cover your ears. But WOW, Kostyn is very much starting to look like his mommy!

Lis said...

Funny Sheila should mention that because when I showed Hank these pictures, he said he could definitely see Robyn in Kostyns little face. He is such a beautiful little boy. What a blessing.
We miss you too. Lots.

Robyn said...

Really?? Man I just don't see it! I guess it's like how you don't recognize your own voice when you hear it, or something.

But thanks! We think he's adorable.

Kim said...

See! I told you!

He's so cute, I could eat him up!

maprzy798 said...

he's so cute!!! and that smile -- breaks my heart!