Thank God for technology

I have no idea what mothers of past generations did to entertain their newborns before the invention of the bouncy seat.

It's amazing how tiring a tiny 10-pound being can be. Sure, he sleeps a lot. But when he's awake, the little dude can be a bit high maintenance. Granted, he seems fascinated by ceiling fans, and luckily we have one in just about every room of the house, so that can easily kill 15 minutes or so. And he enjoys looking out the window, and staring at his musical mobile, and listening to us read to him, and watching his mother make funny faces at him to get him to smile. But after awhile, when my cheeks hurt from those over-exaggerated facial expressions, and he's bored with my antics, and I really have to pee. ... this bouncy seat is a godsend. The thing massages his back, plays music and entertains him with real bubbles and floating objects.

Best part is it makes him so happy to watch the bubbles and the colorful fish ... and then he falls blissfully asleep.

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Kim said...

Yep. Probably the shower gift I got the most use out of. In fact, Nicky wore that thing down so hard, it kinda leans funny to one side now....