Proving Paternity

I think I'm starting to see a resemblance to Chris. Whaddaya think?


Kim said...

Hmmmm... I'm thinking he's more Mark Ruffalo... ;)

Honestly, though, I thought his grin in that other pic looked entirely like yours.

Nice shirt!

~Deb said...

Look at those eyes! Absolutely beautiful!

Lyn said...

Oh, I don't know...maybe just a little?!

He sure is a cutie!

ZFooFoo said...

Taking the hairline into consideration....

Actually, when you look at the height of both Tesher's and Kostyn's I'd say it may be a case for maternity instead - that whole thing about boys hair being passed down from the mother's father. Sorry Dad.

Heather said...

So cute ...
I can't believe how much he's changed since I saw him last.

Sheila said...

Yes, he's definitely NOT the mailman's child!! He's cute as a button this kid. He has me wrapped around his finger from hundreds of miles away...

ZFooFoo said...

Thought I'd share the conversation I just had after checking the blog with my little onlooker and him spying this picture of Kostyn:

"Baby Tesher?"
"No sweetie, that's Baby Kostyn."
"Baby Kostyn play truck!"
"You see the truck on Kostyn's shirt?"
"Yeah. Biiiiiigggg truck!" (with arms spread)
"It is a big truck!"
"Baby Kostyn shirt T for Tesher!!" (lol)
"There is a T on Kostyn's shirt."
"Baby Kostyn waiting Mommy.....waiting Baby Kostyn Mommy."
"Is he waiting?"
"Who is Baby Kostyn's Mommy?"
"Nina Robyn!!!" (LOL) "More Baby Kostyn picture, please?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, Nina Robyn hasn't sent us anymore pictures lately. Do you want to see the old ones?"
"No. Buy store new pictures Baby Kostyn."
"Okay, (my turn to laugh) we'll look for some tomorrow."

Robyn said...

I can't believe your son is TWO and he has that much to say. Let's hope genius runs in the family...

More pictures are on the way.