Showers of Love

If you're lucky, a few times in your life you get to experience the feeling of being surrounded by love. My baby shower this past weekend was one of those times. I hate to get all sappy, but it was just one of those afternoons that made me feel incredibly special, just for being me.

I always thought that baby showers by definition are meant to supply the mom-to-be with some of the necessary items she'll need to care for her child. It turns out that baby showers -- at least, for me -- are meant to supply the mom-to-be with the conviction that she is not only capable of giving life and love to her own child, but that she is surrounded by people who will support her in that endeavor, for the rest of her life.

Plus, I got this adorable customized onesie! (Thanks, Lyn!)

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Amy P said...

and we, my dear, are eternally lucky to have you in our lives. can't wait to meet your new little boy as he spreads even more joy into your life.