Ah, Christmas.

My favorite holiday. The whole world miraculously stopped for a moment last night, the same way it does every year, when the church lights were dimmed and every single parishioner held a lit candle in his/her hand, singing "Silent Night." Even if you're not very religious, I think it must be impossible not to be moved and calmed by such a moment. This year I was lucky enough to share it with my sister and her family, joining us for the holidays from Phoenix.

Now it's Christmas afternoon. Dinner is on the stove, the Christmas presents are all unwrapped and stacked neatly back under the tree, Harry Connick is crooning Christmas carols over the stereo, and my nephew Tesher is playing with his brand-new bouncy ball on my back porch. Life is good.

I hope your Christmas was just as warm and filled with love. This holiday brings to mind all those I love. Know that you're in my heart (and now I have two!).


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Kim said...

We love you too! Merry Christmas!