We're in

The move was excruciating, but we're officially in the new house! I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will as soon as we unpack some of the crap that we carted from one closet to another one across town.

Being a homeowner is strange. Overnight, I became disturbingly preoccupied with preventing anything from scratching the floors or staining the carpets. It's like an obsession. I've never been anal about such things. I'm not sure I like myself as a homeowner. But I do love this house.

I must say, though, that the best part so far (and this is sad, given my monthly mortgage payment) is that we got Dish Network satellite TV and we now have the NFL NETWORK! Football, 24/7. It's outrageously awesome. Combine that with the start of the college football season (Let's Go State!), and you can understand why I'm still living out of boxes. Who has time to unpack?!

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Amy P said...

So glad to hear you are in! and that you have football all day, every day. can't wait to visit (to watch football, of course!)