Public Service Announcement

According to Consumer Reports magazine’s June issue, if you’re going to eat Oreo cookies, you might as well eat the full-fat, full-sugar version and enjoy yourself.
Regular Oreos have 160 calories per serving compared with 150 calories per serving for reduced-fat and sugar-free cookies. To add further injury, the sugar-free cookies cost about twice as much.
Nabisco, which makes Oreos, lists a serving as 34 grams. Who weighs their cookies? Couldn’t they just say a serving is about three cookies?
Then again, if you're eating Oreos, you’re probably not concerned about calories anyway.


Squiggle said...

I've always been a pecan shortbread cookie kinda guy. Though this is good stuff to know...

Kim said...

Hello? I'm sick of coming here and having to look at those tempting, yummy Oreos. Time for new reading material!